Blood Window aterriza en el festival de Cannes con Midnight Galas
Blood Window lands in Cannes with Midnight Galas


LATAM fantasy genre had five midnight galas from May 16th to 20th. Blood window midnight galas brought together at Star 1 theater of the Marche du Film and were presented by the most relevant  Fantastic Film festivals in the world.

The opening night was in charge of ” Still Life ” ( ARG ) Dir Gabriel Grieco . A rural thriller with hints of slasher . In a town of Argentina, “the country of barbecues”, people linked to the cattle industry start to disappear. A journalist start to research; soon she’ll find out a dark secret.

The film was presented  by Jose Luis Rebordinos , gral . Director of San Sebastian International Film Festival. who also award the film in the first edition of the market.

“The incident ” Isaac Ezban Dir . Two parallel stories about characters trapped in illogical endless spaces: two brothers and a detective locked on an infinite staircase, and a family locked on an infinite road – for a very long time. The film was selected to participate in Blood window  by Fantastic Fest in Austin texas. Also was the first completed  film of Fantastic Fest Market.The presentation was given by Tim League. Festival Founder and also Drafthouse Films, CEO  .

“Fallen Cape” Dir Santiago Alvarado .Magno is a superhero with extraordinary powers who was cast aside years ago on false accusations and now works in a store. We look back on this character’s history from his early years to the present day, uncovering how he reached this situation .

The film was selected for Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia and by current director Angel Sala festival.

“Darkness by Day ” Dir. Martin Desalvo mujeres. Two women. A strange disease hit the region.When the truth reveals, a drastic decision must be taken: hunt the menace. Selected  by PiFan International Fantastic Fest from Corea and presented by Danny Rhee Sangho programmer director .

Finally ” The house at the end of times” Dir. Alejandro Hidalgo. Dulce is a mother of two who suddenly begins to experience encounters with mysterious appearances in his old house, a place where a terrible prophecy is about to unravel. thirty years later, an elderly Dulce returns home to try and decipher the mystery and the tragedy that has tormented her for so long.

Selected  by Frontières : Fantasia Film Fest in Canada and Brussels Fantastic Film Festival and presented by Stephanie Trepanier (Market Manager Frontières Intl Market Co- Prod . )

Gui Delmote ( BIFFF director) and Lindsay Peters ( Managing Director, Co -Prod Intl Frontières . Market)