Blood Window Showcase arrives at Cannes on May 19th at the Sala K of the Palais des Festivals, and will present a standout program of Iberoamerican fantastic cinema with 8 previews of films in pre and post-production stages. This selection of titles offers a range of diverse and creative proposals from the region’s horror, science fiction, and fantasy cinema.

The titles include “When Evil Lurks” (Argentina) directed by Demián Rugna and winner of the Blood Window award at Ventana Sur 2022 in collaboration with Sitges, International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. The program continues with “Mitra, turn off the light to see” directed by Diego Bellochio (Argentina), “Bee” directed by Diego Kartaszewicz (Argentina, Paraguay), “Bloody Mary” directed by Joseph Diaz (Spain), “The Collector” directed by Facundo Escudero Salinas (Argentina), “Chuzalongo” directed by Diego Ortuño (Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Canada), “Help” directed by Tamae Garateguy (Argentina), and “Selknam” directed by Nicolas Onetti (Argentina, Italy). This will be a unique opportunity to discover the future of Iberoamerican fantastic cinema and connect with the industry.

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