The section offers a selection of Ibero-American fantasy genre feature films in post-production and also productions finished (World Premiere Status). This is unique opportunity for filmmakers and producers who are ready to launch their films to industry representatives, Sales Agents, Distributors Streamers and International Film Festivals.

The selected films will participate for prizes in post-production services.


* Only for feature films (Fiction) with majority or minority production from an Iberoamerican country including Italy.

List of countries from ibero-america

*They must be recognizable within the fantasy, horror or sci-fi genres. The call is also for productions combining these subgenres with others recognizable within thriller, action, crime, black comedy and variations within them.

*Only submitted feature films in Post-production will be accepted, with an early cut longer than 35 minutes.

* Feature films in production stage will be accepted with a reel cut in advance with a length of 5 minutes (Min) and 10 minutes (Max).

*Only finished films(World Premiere Status) or films in post-production will be accepted; without Sales Agent attached.

*Films that have participated in previous editions of Ventana Sur will not be admitted.

*The feature films selection will be overseen by a committee of professionals from the industry.

*Feature films in post-production will have priority.*

*The selection will be curated by José Luis Rebordinos, Director General del Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián. 


*Screening format must be DCP with English subtitles for Work in Progress & completed feature films. DCP must be generated following the DCI regulations, with disk formatted in ext2-ext3.

*Other files admitted: mov – Resolución: 1920 x 1080 pixels – Codec: h264 – Bitrate: 12 Mbps – Framerate: 24 o 25 fps – Audio: AAC (stereo o 5.1) – Audio sample rate: 48kHz – Audio bit depth: 16 o 24 bits – max file size 10GB
The bitrate can be higher but for the file no longer size than 10GB.

*Feature films For ONLINE Screening must be delivered in: Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels – Codec: h264 standard res – Audio: AAC (stereo or 5.1) – Audio sample rate: 48kHz – Audio bit depth: 16 or 24 bits –

*The selected Films will compete to be rewarded with post-production and distribution services.The films receiving the awards must include the Blood Window and involved companies’ logos in the credits.

*The awards are not transferable or exchangeable for their equivalent in money.

* The producer and/or sales representative commits to send all required materials in order to receive the awards consisting of services. Post-production services are included in the awards.
* The costs of any additional work to the work included in the awards will be assumed by the winning production companies and charged to the corresponding company.
*For ONLINE/ONSITE event, It si recommended the presence of a representative (Director and/or Producer) of each selected film who will be granted a courtesy accreditation to attend the Blood Window activities.

* In case the event is ONSITE ,travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the representatives of each film.

* For ONLINE /ONSITE, the film must contain before its beginning, a brief video pitch of the Director / s and / or Producer / s mentioning the status of the film and what are the goals in the market. The Video Pitch must have a maximum lenght of 3 minutes.


Deadline September 28th

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